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Muggatu goes skiing

by Muggatu
Jul 21st - 461 views

muggatu escapes the clutches of the malaysian prison system and decides to do some stunts at Mammoth Mountain. Cheers to the sponsors Saint Valais, Majesty ski and everyone who helped me out this year! Film/Edit : Tom Christie


by x.murphy
Jul 19th - 243 views

Filmed for the first couple days the main park was open finally got around to throwing most of the clips together and here's what came out. Featuring: Xavier "Grape" Murphy, Jackson Doremus, Chris Dakoulas, Reece Masters, Jon Atticus Parker, Rian Fleury, Jack "Savage" Lazott, Timmy.e, Ben Kfoury Music: Myles Parrish - Friday Night ft. OCD Moosh and Twist, Russ - Got This, Chance the Rapper Mixtape ft. Young Thug and Lil Yachty, Young Thug - Relationship ft. Future, Travis Scott - Pray 4 Love ft. Future, Myles Parrish - Mobbin ft. Phanom, Mike Stud - Never Going Back ft. OCD Moosh and Twist, Meek Mill - Blue Notes, Gucci Mane - Make Love ft. Nikki Minaj, Logic - Bounce, Lana Dey Rey - Summer ft. A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti

Rob Dresser 2017

by dresserski
Jul 19th - 311 views

Rob Dresser 2016/2017 Skier: Rob Dresser Filmers (In order): Keegan Supple, Bram, Mickey Sheehan, Larz Lund, Amanda Doolin, Willie Dresser, Peter Saviano, Ed…

Windells Session 3 - 2017

by Windells
Jul 17th - 9K views

Skiing by: Jack Borland, Forster Meeks, Mike Carmazzi, Abner Wyman, Levi Ascher, Alex Hall, Andy Parry, Devin Logan, Jennie-Lee Burmansson, Sander Hadley, Ethan Swadburg, Torin Yater-Wallace, Nick Goepper, Jack Finn, Hunter Hess and McRae Williams


by AIchemy
Jul 15th - 1.4K views

boys went off this week on the glacier skiers: Ben Lynch, Kai Smart, Steven Kahnert, Alex Thucydides, Stephen Lindsay Ross, Leif Wilson credit: Steven Kahnert

Windells Session 2 - 2017

by Windells
Jul 7th - 7.4K views

Skiing by: Andre Hamm, Jack Finn, Cal Carson, John Ware, Charlie Lasser, Collin Collins, Jack Borland, Peyben, Andrea Zvonar, Mike Carmazzi, Bobby Brown, Karl Fostvedt, Miguel Porteous, Ethan Swadburg, Tucker Addison, Topher Newett, Levi Ascher, Jonah Elston, Nick Morales, Magnus Graner, Paul Marik, Dale Talkington, & Tom Wallisch

Windells Session 1 - 2017

by Windells
Jun 27th - 13.9K views

Skiing by: Peyben Hagglund, Topher Newett, Jake Mageau, Andre Hamm, Ian King, Jack Borland, Levi Ascher, Tucker Addision, Charlie Lasser, Matt Walker, ABM, Lucas Stal Madison, Ethan Swadburg, & Magnus Graner

Eastcoast Staycation

by TMC
Jun 25th - 921 views

From building and designing Sunday River's terrain parks. To coaching weekends I did not have much time to film. Heres 3 days worth of filming from this year.

Ski Session 1.5: Peace Pipe

by 860media*
Jun 14th - 2.5K views

Fresh off the trip from Hood the boys kept there bags packed and headed back to Carinthia for the annual Peace Pipe jam. This year was a bit more mellow in temperature, but the mud pits and gnats were nothing to mess with. In between crushing cans and getting covered in mud we were able to have a rad time and land a few tricks. Check out the action and stay tuned for a short film coming out this fall!!!!!!

OverthinKing // Joris Grintalis 1617

by joriza.ski
Jun 12th - 996 views

what does overthinking do to one? To overthink means to "think about (something) too much or for too long." It stops us from doing tricks, ruining relationships, or worst of all; it stops us from getting after the wants we have in our everyday life. We overthink due to the fear or anxiousness of how our action will be perceived, and what reaction will occur. Yet at the end of the day, you only overthink once more to why you didn't do something, say something, or change something, and the only person to blame is the same one staring back at you in the mirror. This past year, I tended to let overthinking get the best of me. So, here's to overthinking and over analysis; stop thinking and just start doing. TL;DR I went skiing around Tahoe this year, and it was fun. Thank you to everyone that filmed this past season without you, my friends, none of this would be possible Also thanks to: @YGLclothing

The Summer Ski Movie - FULL VIDEO

by Windells
Jun 2nd - 1.7K views

Windells Camp presents "The Summer Ski Movie" Skiers in order of appearance: Sawyer Sellingham, Alex Hackel, Kevin Curran, Cam Willis, Jack Borland, Tyler Mega, Tyler Curle, Simon Knight, Sam "Big Snick" Snyder, Mike Carmazzi, Anders Fornelius, Alex & Zach Harington, Gabe Taube, "The Illusive" Jo Jo Ciprari, Wabs, Alex Hall, Sam Winship, Gavin Rudy, Kat Alexander, Kolton Smith, Aiden Ulrich, Topher Newett, Hudson Knoll, Hunter Hess, Jacob Bebe, Matt P'ng, Jamie Barill, Bobby Sullivan, Quinn Wolferman, Ethan Swadburg, Michael Briggs, Ben Zinns, Tim Ryan, Forster Meeks, Levi Ascher, Jonah Elston, Noah Curry, Khai Krepela, Jonah Williams, Jason Arens, Corey Jackson, Tucker Fitz-Simmons, Blaine Galavin, Devin Logan, Tim McChesney, Mitchell Brower, Spencer Harkins, Banks Gilberti, Mcrae Williams, Duncan Adams, Matt Walker, Lucas Wachs, Tom Wallisch, Nico Portious, Miguel Portious, Sammy Carlson, Reed Lewis, Nick Goepper, Noah Wallace, Keegan Kilbride, Magnus Graner, Paul Marik, Cam Boll, Jake Doan, Lupe Hagerty, Mike Hornbeck, Charlie Lasser, John Ware, Brady Perron, Dale Talkington, Jeff Curry, Karl Fostvedt Film: Gavin Rudy, Nick Broms, Cam Willis, Noah Curry, Andrew Mildenberger Edit: Cam Willis

Ski Sessions 1.4: Drunk Weather

by 860media*
May 26th - 6.4K views

Spring at Carinthia is always the best time. But, like last year the weather was a bit all over the place. The boys still made ends meet and had some fun. Check out the action and make sure to come out to Carinthia tomorrow for Peace Pipe Jam!!!!!

"Broken" - FSKP winter movie 2016/2017

May 24th - 302 views

Riders: -Fran├žois Morin -Marc Ange Rodrigue -Hubert Jolin -Elie Brouard -Vincent Maranda -Samuel Lagrange -William Rodrigue -Antoine Rodrigue -Joseph Thibault -Gabriel Lamontagne -Jason Vachon & Friends Music (In order): 1.French Montana - Playing in the wind instrumental 2. Rivals sons - Pressure and time 3. Method Man, Gostface & Raekwon - Smooth Sailing 4. Billy Talent - Red Flag 5. Fabolous - My Time 6. Hey Ya - Outkast Filming: -Gopro (Friends) -Alexandre Morin (Tripod shots) -Antoine Cloutier Poulin (Drone shots) Editing: -Fran├žois Morin Location: Mont-Orignal Stoneham We would also like to thanks the Mont-Orignal, especially the park crew of the Moose Park and Mathieu Lagrange for the sick park & jumps we had this year again. Also, thanks to the patrollers for being there to rescue us when we were injured ! See you next year ! -FSKP

Spring Break 4 Ever

by nolaan
May 18th - 271 views

Back in March the boys and I drove out to Tahoe. We skied Kirkwood for most of the days and got to hit Northstar for one day. One the way back to CO we stopped in Park City for Gaper Day and it was wild to say the least. 'Twas an incredible trip with the best of people. I tried to capture that vibe in this edit. Hopefully it worked. Big ups to Weir for hosting us and filming in Northstar! Skiers in order of appearance: Alex Nolan, Jason Castle, Mikkel Hjort-Pedersen, Zach Ryan and Mark Whitaker

Gen Sasaki 2016/2017 Season Edit from Niseko Japan

by freeskiergen
May 16th - 657 views

Gen Sasaki 2016/2017 season full edit . Check it out ! And enjoy. Skiing is my everything! My recommend is part of Niseko . after 3:50 minuite . #atomic #atomicski #atomicskis #weareskiing #smith #smithoptics #gopro #goprojp #oyuki #douchebags #nisekograndhirafu #portafirst #bandel #ofib #ski #freeski #freeskiing #freestyleski #freestyleskiing #jump #rail #halfpipe #bigair #slopestyle #park #session #niseko #hokkaido #japan #bongo #mtgoshiki