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Spring Scorcher

by T-Lan_District
Jun 27th - 771 views

PC Goin up in flames.. Cal Carson, Leo McDoanld, Copper Hargrave, Carson Kerr, Christian Shackelford. Shot/Cut: Peter Saviano

Eastcoast Staycation

by TMC
Jun 25th - 780 views

From building and designing Sunday River's terrain parks. To coaching weekends I did not have much time to film. Heres 3 days worth of filming from this year.

Custom Drift Trike Street Destruction

by Hotdogger99
Jun 23rd - 80 views

100% Custom built trike. DWT wheels and hoosier tires, 1 1/8 drive shaft, 1x2 tube frame construction, heavy duty high speed bearings and pillow blocks, 212cc 7hp motor. All together whipping this thing down the road at a cool 70km/h. Just a couple kids, a welder, and a weekend. All filmed with GoPro Hero 4 Silver

Season 16/17

by elias.paldan
Jun 25th - 1.3K views

Short recap from 2016/17 season. Locations: Tryvann, Oslo (Norway) Geilo (Norway) Hemsedal (Norway) Valdres (Norway) Gol (Norway) Vans Penken Park (Austria) Betterpark, Kaltenbach (Austria) Behind the camera: Eirik Zahl Slora Mats Bjorndal Mons Johan Hoel Eirik Vatne Ulrik Hopp Kristoffer Blofeld Gabriel Paldan Stian Kaarhus Trym Falkanger Jonas Linnestad Torbjorn Aaberg Andreas Landoy

16-17 Season Edit

by CorbinR
Jun 24th - 191 views

Didnt get as many clips as I would have liked this season but it was still a great season and here what I got. Song: Young Prodigy- Kodak Black

Snowflex Double Club

by Pat.tolan
Jun 24th - 9.9K views

Snowflex session 1 is officially over and what a week it was. The last night of camp 3 doubles were landed by Aidan Dowdall, Kyle Pickering and myself Patrick Tolan. It was a blast riding snowflex and hanging out with some really cool people.

BiPOLAR // Elliott Gaynor - Season Edit

by .tomskis
Jun 15th - 795 views

My good friend Elliott Gaynor has two distinctly different styles of skiing, so when it came to making an edit of his epic footage from our season in the USA, I decided to adopt the same approach.

Ski Session 1.5: Peace Pipe

by 860media*
Jun 14th - 2.3K views

Fresh off the trip from Hood the boys kept there bags packed and headed back to Carinthia for the annual Peace Pipe jam. This year was a bit more mellow in temperature, but the mud pits and gnats were nothing to mess with. In between crushing cans and getting covered in mud we were able to have a rad time and land a few tricks. Check out the action and stay tuned for a short film coming out this fall!!!!!!

OverthinKing // Joris Grintalis 1617

by joriza.ski
Jun 12th - 953 views

what does overthinking do to one? To overthink means to "think about (something) too much or for too long." It stops us from doing tricks, ruining relationships, or worst of all; it stops us from getting after the wants we have in our everyday life. We overthink due to the fear or anxiousness of how our action will be perceived, and what reaction will occur. Yet at the end of the day, you only overthink once more to why you didn't do something, say something, or change something, and the only person to blame is the same one staring back at you in the mirror. This past year, I tended to let overthinking get the best of me. So, here's to overthinking and over analysis; stop thinking and just start doing. TL;DR I went skiing around Tahoe this year, and it was fun. Thank you to everyone that filmed this past season without you, my friends, none of this would be possible Also thanks to: @YGLclothing

How to give yourself 12 months of rehab from skiing. Warning: graphic injury

by Jezzasgold
Jun 11th - 564 views

Big White 08/04/17 Taking a lap through the small lane doing tricks I've done plenty of times before, when I managed to tear my ACL, MCL and meniscus all in one shot. I've since had surgery to repair the ACL and cut out a piece of meniscus. Fortunately the MCL is healing without intervention. The reason this injury occurred was because the binding on my right ski stuck and didn't release when it definitely should have, when I landed I instantly felt the pop and my knee buckled sideways until it touched the snow. Easily the worst injury I've done to myself and the most pain I've found myself in. Shout out to Big White Ski Patrol for getting me down the hill and hooking me up to a nitrous tank. Also big love for the doctors and surgeons back in Australia who put my knee back together again. Nothing but criticism of Kelowna General Hospital who had me wait 6 hours and pay 1100 dollars to send me out on crutches with no brace telling me I would be fine to walk on it in a few days. This caused me to fall again in my house extending the damage. All in all 1/10 would not recommend. Skier: Jezza Golden

The Cut Episode 3

by The_Cut
Jun 7th - 1.4K views

Off doing summer things now (mostly playing disc golf and drinking loads) but thought we'd share this last episode. This one consists mostly of the shots we got through Intersection this season along with some others. Getting the stoke on for next season already! Enjoy!


by Spitfyre94
Jun 7th - 121 views

Went skiing for the weekend with the boys and did a little filming. Crushed some beers and that's that. Hope you guys like it!

Grand Valira Bound - Jeremy Pancras

by panpan
Jun 5th - 9.2K views

Thanks to SLVSH we had the opportunity to come ski in Andorra once again with the greatest crew possible, made great memories and skied park for the first time in a while. I hope you will like this cut filmed by Alex Beaudoing and put together by myself, wish you all have a great spring so far and are excited for summer shred :) Thanks to those guys for making everything possible : Volkl, Dakine, Oakley and GoPro.

Ryan Kennedy 2017

by 4west
Jun 3rd - 6.8K views

Ryans 2016/17 season fully jam packed with some absolute hammers street & park filmed throughout Canada. Thanks to all the filmers who helped out with this project! Edited by Ryan K @4westco on instagram

Tommy Cogswell / Comeback Season

by TMC
Jun 2nd - 3.2K views

After taking a heavy fall in Utah last February, Tommy Cogswell bounces back with this offering out of Sunday River, ME Shot and cut by Pat Sheils Additional…

Best of 2016-17 Ski Season!

by GarFrom09
May 31st - 344 views

This was a amazing season, so many good memories and new tricks cant wait for next season! (The tricks aren't insane this is more meant for good memories)


by nick_GAPER
May 29th - 12.7K views

Credit- Brice Milleson Song- Blink 182: Last Train Home