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Jul 20th - 181 views

Yup. We made another fribbin’ movie. Why? Idk. Idc. Pretty bored tho. Anyway, it's an ok movie. You should watch it if you want to. Probably not worth your time though. If anyone knows Malt O Meal cereal, help us out. Dream sponsorship for real. Not going to make another IL FAIT CHAUD this year cuz its a waste of time editing in the winter. We need to put 100% effort into making Neige 3: Beige as terrible as possible for next summer. There will be a random, badly edited accompaniment to this year's edit which will be short and stupid and it will have the extra footy from the summer. Why am I typing all this? Who cares? Whatever...


by x.murphy
Jul 19th - 243 views

Filmed for the first couple days the main park was open finally got around to throwing most of the clips together and here's what came out. Featuring: Xavier "Grape" Murphy, Jackson Doremus, Chris Dakoulas, Reece Masters, Jon Atticus Parker, Rian Fleury, Jack "Savage" Lazott, Timmy.e, Ben Kfoury Music: Myles Parrish - Friday Night ft. OCD Moosh and Twist, Russ - Got This, Chance the Rapper Mixtape ft. Young Thug and Lil Yachty, Young Thug - Relationship ft. Future, Travis Scott - Pray 4 Love ft. Future, Myles Parrish - Mobbin ft. Phanom, Mike Stud - Never Going Back ft. OCD Moosh and Twist, Meek Mill - Blue Notes, Gucci Mane - Make Love ft. Nikki Minaj, Logic - Bounce, Lana Dey Rey - Summer ft. A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti

Ryan Dorssers | 16x17

by reynolbeads
Jul 19th - 810 views

Battling through injuries all season including a broken pelvis and countless sprained ankles made it tough to get the shots that I wanted, but I managed to put together a solid 3 minutes. Thanks to @freshairkelowna and everyone that helped for the support

Rob Dresser 2017

by dresserski
Jul 19th - 313 views

Rob Dresser 2016/2017 Skier: Rob Dresser Filmers (In order): Keegan Supple, Bram, Mickey Sheehan, Larz Lund, Amanda Doolin, Willie Dresser, Peter Saviano, Ed…

Dope Winter

by The_Walrus
Jul 18th - 718 views

Thanks a lot to all my friends, the IKC and Adrelyx Ride Shop. And huge thanks to Jammal / Les Evades for all the songs in this edit!! https://soundcloud.com/jammal-lsvd


by AIchemy
Jul 15th - 1.5K views

boys went off this week on the glacier skiers: Ben Lynch, Kai Smart, Steven Kahnert, Alex Thucydides, Stephen Lindsay Ross, Leif Wilson credit: Steven Kahnert

TCM Spring Banaza

by PaulBystrican
Jul 11th - 1K views

NW Ontario skiing in May, Big thank you to Juicy Jumbo Hotdogs and Jesus Christ Skiers: Tateum Cava, Paul Bystrican, Jonny Siska, Cam Massaro, Caleb White Missing: Max Yuan, Greg Gagnon & everyone from MN who said they wanted to come :'(

Bails & Fails Vol. 2

by tschoni
Jul 2nd - 476 views

Shit happens and sometimes you think you will stomp it but then... well see for your self Compilation of the last 2 seasons (2015-2017)

The Worst Big Air Crashes

by X
Jun 30th - 19.6K views

As the title says, just a cheese board of the heaviest crashes from the One Hit Wonder Big Air over the years served up for your viewing pleasure.

Scrap Yard

by Hondro
Jun 29th - 398 views

Finally got around to digging through all the scraps of footage from the 2017 winter. Skiing Mainly in Revelstoke BC, and some shots from Ontario.


by skiP.E.I.
Jun 29th - 172 views

Filmed in BlackPark early December 2016. Featuring: Nathaniel Baker, Alec Craig, Wesley Rumball, Alec Bernier-Bouillon and others

Eastcoast Staycation

by TMC
Jun 25th - 923 views

From building and designing Sunday River's terrain parks. To coaching weekends I did not have much time to film. Heres 3 days worth of filming from this year.

Custom Drift Trike Street Destruction

by Hotdogger99
Jun 23rd - 88 views

100% Custom built trike. DWT wheels and hoosier tires, 1 1/8 drive shaft, 1x2 tube frame construction, heavy duty high speed bearings and pillow blocks, 212cc 7hp motor. All together whipping this thing down the road at a cool 70km/h. Just a couple kids, a welder, and a weekend. All filmed with GoPro Hero 4 Silver

Season 16/17

by elias.paldan
Jun 25th - 1.6K views

Short recap from 2016/17 season. Locations: Tryvann, Oslo (Norway) Geilo (Norway) Hemsedal (Norway) Valdres (Norway) Gol (Norway) Vans Penken Park (Austria) Betterpark, Kaltenbach (Austria) Behind the camera: Eirik Zahl Slora Mats Bjorndal Mons Johan Hoel Eirik Vatne Ulrik Hopp Kristoffer Blofeld Gabriel Paldan Stian Kaarhus Trym Falkanger Jonas Linnestad Torbjorn Aaberg Andreas Landoy

16-17 Season Edit

by CorbinR
Jun 24th - 311 views

Didnt get as many clips as I would have liked this season but it was still a great season and here what I got. Song: Young Prodigy- Kodak Black

Snowflex Double Club

by Pat.tolan
Jun 24th - 11.2K views

Snowflex session 1 is officially over and what a week it was. The last night of camp 3 doubles were landed by Aidan Dowdall, Kyle Pickering and myself Patrick Tolan. It was a blast riding snowflex and hanging out with some really cool people.