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FS: Nordica Supercharger Blowers

FS: Nordica Supercharger Blowers

Published Nov 2010
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Got a pair of Nordica Supercharger Blowers that CHARGE the shit outa any snow condition. They are a solid and stable pow and big mountain ski that I found easy to mow thru the crud as well. The set up is a lil heavy for my weight of 155lbs but I could still handle em non the less. They have a soft flex in the nose so they are not completely stiff.

I bought the bindings a couple years back and they have seen lil use as I didn't get to ski a lot of pow last year so i didnt use em much.

Looking at selling them for a lighter ski like the Line Bacons.

Size: 185

Sidecut: 139/110/129

Use: Pow, charging the whoole mountain in any condition, even groomers (carve really nicely)

PRICE: $400
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