In a previous post “Glorious Day of Motor Failure” I wrote a short version of how my sled seized up in the back country and that it was in need of some serious work. It has been 4 weeks now and it was finally time to pick my sled back up from BRTech (Snowmobile shop and custom panels) up in Evanston, WY. I received an email on Friday that my machine has been repaired and that they wanted to give it a little test run before I jumped in my truck to come swoop it up. Anxiously awaiting a phone call or an email I was in high anticipation to ride my sled again and to give back my borrowed sled that I have had the past month. My phone rings and it was Brock Roberts from BRTech and he said that there was a slight problem with my sled, I then started laughing to myself in disbelief that there could actually be more issues with the sled. When Brock took the sled out of the shop to give it a run, the throttle got stuck WFO with him on the machine and he went for a not so mellow ride into a chainlink fence with barbwire on top. It happened so fast and unexpectedly that he did not have time to react and jump off, instead he took the full ride into the fence and rocks. Luckily he was semi ok and not hurt too bad but the sled took on some more repairs. Check these photos out and ask yourself if you would have stayed on for the ride. Damn! Thanks again Brock for the UA branding.

Looking Good. then…
Not So Good bummer

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