Photos: Ville-Petteri Määttä

When day to day life in the ski industry includes repetitive park edits, FIS, AFP and a whole lot of conformity in general, it's nice when something eye opening comes along. Especially when it's an absolute stormer of a 'contest'. There have been wild events in skiing since the Hot Dog days and the Orage Masters stand tall in recent memory as one of the best of them. But Ski or Die might well have the whole lot beat. It's a wild spring event replete with the weirdest forms of skiing and partying. I think it's best to let the pics and video do the talking and see you there next year...

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Here's how it works:

A scored mission list is revealed in the beginning of the event. The list has +200 missions ranging from backflip trains to quad liu kang to bar night wearing nothing but toilet paper.
Keeshlife guys Lauri Kivari and Antti Ollila getting ready to blow some minds
One of the events is speed skiing, basically straight lining a bumpy as fuck course head to head and fastest survivor takes the cake. In this shot Niko Väliaho beats Pontus Penttilä in final race.
Aleksi Patja grabs double tail on a front flip at the dirt jump track.
This guy had about five near death experiences on his monoski. Check the video for the almost perfect double backie…
Who doesn’t love huge straight airs? The long jumping competition is about just that. Here former ski jumper / nordic combined athlete Jarkko Ronkainen demonstrates perfect execution with 35 meter jump.
The final competition is old school high jumping. Anything can happen when you go too fast to a jump that is almost a quarter pipe. This is Niko Väliaho, who probably saved his life with this cat-like late cork 3 after an out of control take off.
High jump take off was so steep that Antti Ollila could easily nosepress the shit out of the lip.
WORLD RECORD! Miika Virkki rockets himself over the bar that was set at 7 meters and 33 centimeters. That is over 24 feet from a 14-foot wall!!
Thanks to our partners Armada Skis, R-Collection, Varusteleka and Ukkohalla we were able to toss out prize packs for all kinds of crazy performances. Markus Taskinen hammered the mission list, partied until every morning and went all in at every competition. Definitely worth of Al Dente’s, military backpack, fresh clothes and a gas mask.
The overall winner of 2016 Ski or Die: Niko Väliaho! Speed skiing victory, long jumping victory with a naked 40m jump and the biggest collection of missions from the list. And he wore that same Borat swimsuit at the pool party and also at the night club. That’s the spirit!
Because why not!
Thanks to all the awesome skiers who came to Ski or Die and get ready for the next year!