As I slipped into a snow globe upon my arrival in Tahoe, blogging has come after shoveling on my daily list of things to do. We've broken records with this storm and it's been all time. You know it's good when you're legs are begging for a day off, but that's not happening any time soon here. Anyways, the last day of Cold Rush was absolutely amazing. The progression level was at an all time high and everyone went off!! Check out the video above and here are a few photos from the event...

Suz, Leo, and Dave about to hop into the heli to get dropped off at cliff zone.
The helicopter get's me just as stoked as skiing. The weightless feeling of flying over mountains in a heli is amazing!
Scoping lines...
Everything goes. In an event like this the biggest cliff is definitely going to get hit. Sean Petit and Dane Tudor stomped sevens and threes off one of the two huge cliffs. It was insane to watch in person.
Bibby went for the big one on the lookers left of the photo...he got a boo boo on his eye. The Red Bull Cold Rush was the most fun event I have ever been a part of. I can't wait to come back next year! I ended up in third. It felt good to be back in the competition world.