ON3P have finally given us the all clear to drop their 2017-18 skis line and it's a thing of beauty. But the big news (and reason for the delay), however, is that ON3P are making a bold move and shifting to a new sales cycle. You're getting the first glimpse of the lineup today, but the new schedule means these models will ship to retailers for sale as early as April. There will also be direct sales available in some skis/sizes from April, so you can rock 'em just in time for summer camps/southern hemisphere/Mammoth (which looks set to be open forever).

Most skis were new last year so there aren't huge changes but in typical ON3P fashion, there are some subtle tweaks to already great products to improve on the little things. The Billy Goat and Cease And Desist get a new asymmetric tip/tail shape building on lessons learned from the already slightly asymmetric C&D. Both skis now feature their Offset Tip Shape (OTS, more asymmetric than the current C+D) for even better soft snow performance, as does the brand new Steeple 116.

Magnus feat. photography by the Skiman himself
Kartel 98, 108, 116 Photo: Grant Whitty
Magnus, Kartel 98, 108, 116, Wrenegade 88 and 98. Photo: Grant Whitty
Wrenegade 98 and 108
Billy Goat w/new asymmetric shape
Cease and Desist. Still the best ski name story out.
Steeple 108 and all new Steeple 116. Photo: Grant Whitty
Jessie 88, 98, 108. Photo: Grant Whitty