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Couloir Interviews: Brooke Potter

Couloir Interviews: Brooke Potter

Apr 6th 2016

"I personally think girls tend to ‘sugar coat’ things to media and avoid exposing some problems. It is important for us to voice our thoughts, and I applaud Cassie Sharpe in particular for being the callout queen and exposing some of the flaws in freeski media. We need more of that."

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The Issues with Action Sports & How to Fix Them

The Issues with Action Sports & How to Fix Them

Apr 27th 2016

Hey guys, I wrote this article for my final paper in sports business management at Wharton. I had to address it to laymen and make sure anyone could understand the sports and business aspects. It should be an interesting read and I was lucky enough to have friends help me out with the interviews. Any thoughts? Would love to hear them. Also sorry if you guys don't necessarely agree with everything here but I had to take a very narrow view on things as to not end up writing 100 pages on it.

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