Alright so, Today I was forced to wake up at go to the hospital at 8 for another appointment(had to drop siblings off on the way).

When we got there, I wasn't expecting much; the doctor to tell me its healing a bit, keep up with the drops. But alas, there has for once been some awesome/uber/sick news. the doctor looked at my eye, and told me I was done. No more drops, no more hospital visits. I am off the hook. He proclaimed it a miracle. Said he had never seen anything like it. I was so happy I almost cried. When you have been thinking about loosing something so important to you like an eye for a couple of weeks, and cant really do anything but sit and wait for news...and then all of a sudden someone tells you its safe, your free..well you have no idea how happy you can get.

Moral of the story..PRAY. Something tells me it works...