This March was supposed to be a time of deep powder, massive backcountry kickers, and shit getting set on fire. Unfortunately, with a mixture of bad weather, contests in Spain and Norway, and a definite lack of snow, Legs of Steel had some time to kill. Heading south to the Dolomites of Italy, the crew managed to get a few hours of skiing in and filmed this park edit. After a lot of sweat, tears, pain and snowballs, Paddy Graham, Bene Mayr, Sebi Geiger and Nick Rapley emerged from the Italian mountain range with this glorious piece of cinema...

Don't forget to have some fun. Oh, and don't worry, the snow came later that month and many a banger was had. Doubles n shit. And not doubles, if that's what you're into.

*Before anyone asks, you can find this awesome tune here . Incidentally, it's the first hit when you google "Western Music" and it's just some dude playing his keyboard. nice work Tom Kristofferson.