Just got done with a night session on the èmini JOI jumpè.It was a good session, some people were destroying it,some people struggled a bit. Downside, I was one of the peoplewho struggled. Upside, Andreas was the main destroyer So it equaled out a bit. The thing was that the take off was really really icy,so the people with good edges handled the take off well.people like me with no edges had no chance of getting any spin out of the jump. alltough I had some problems.like I said Andreas destroyed it, and got many shotôs fromthe paraglider that his brother was flying and shooting from at the same time.
Yesterday we had what seems to be the only sunny day weôll get here in Trysil.So we had a session on the Jump/hip (no pic, sorry).Again Andreas Hero of theday. We got up to the hip and the landing was pure ice.Mr. Olsson tested it out and when he landed it looked like his knees were aboutto explode. almost everybody went back down, but Andreas being the vikingthat he is, grew a extra set of balls and threw a sick flatspin. The shotôs from that turned out to be really sick. Jon HÃÂ¥tveit was flying over him that time as well.To sum up, I think team Norway is doing pretty good.the plan for tomorrow is probably do something urban since the weatheris not cooperating with us at all, and weôll probably do another night session.thatôs where im planing my Comeback.-PEACE-