A new name appeared in freestyle world: Gus Kenworthy. Coming from Telluride, his name came out from 2 videos clip posted on the web. At an early 16, his skills are so high that CoreUPT couldn’t let him go, so he joined the family.

Maybe a few points about a rider who might be one of next winter big things are needed…

Gus lives in Telluride, is born october 1st, 1991, and skis for CoreUPT, DVLP clothing, Smith, Skullcandy, and Telluride Sports. He filmed enad edited loads of little clips with his buddies and Rage Fims hooked him up for their new movie, Such is Life.

As a ski and web addict, Gus is made right out to work with CoreUPT.

His project for next winter are many, with lots of competition on this fall (wishing for a X-Games qualifier), and then shooting with Rage Films. Gus wants to shoot more in the backcountry and on urban rails, and there’s no doubt he has something to do here, see the attached clip…








Dedicated, talented, easy and fun, Gus is a complete freestyler, and CoreUPT will make its best to push him up.

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