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Armada made big changes to the jib lineup for '16-17 so it's to be expected that many things stay more or less the same on that front for next winter, but there is big news in the form of the brand new ARV 116 JJ. Their OG 5ppoint pow ski, the JJ gets another set of changes and find itself sat at the fat end of the ARV line. For the first time on an Armada 'Elf-Shoe' ski, the contact point moves behind the widest point of the sidecut to give smoother and more consistent turn initiation. It also gains a '3D base' shape, with spooned tip/tail rockered sections (think Bentchetler but different) for better sideways deep snow performance, while retaining a full edge wrap. The 116 and the whole rest of the ARV line get the 'MadSteez' graphic treatment bringing back memories of those legendary AR5s. We're all sat in the SIA hotel frothing over those graphics, get hyped. The BDog and Edollos are back with new graphics (not shown), there are plenty of Invictus models and there's also a lightweight touring/big mountain line called the Tracer Series.

Photo credit: Grant Whitty

ARV 116: JJ 139-116-135 in 175, 185, 192

ARV 106: 133-106-123 in 172, 180, 188

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ARV 96: 125-96-117 in 163, 170, 177, 184

ARV 86: 116-86-110 in 163, 170, 177, 184

ARV 116 Tip
Tracer Series: 118CHX, 108, 98 and 88