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Harlaut's Olympic Run at Sochi 2014

by Gypsy_Skier
Feb 2014 - 126.3K views

This guy definitely deserved to be on the podium! Sick run put down by THE man, Henrik Harlaut. Only ended up getting like an 85 and 5th place but i was so stoked to see him in the finals. And that nose butter triple! taking in to the GUCCI PLATEAU

Joss' Last Run at Sochi 2014 (sw unnat triple!)

by Gypsy_Skier
Feb 2014 - 61.8K views

Joss just thrown down on his last run at the olympics. He through the same run that got him a gold just before. Props to Joss for showing everyone he deserved that spot, definitely deserves it after so much work! Switch right side triple 12 is insane btw

Henrik Harlaut "Best Man Made Air"

by InspiredMedia
Jan 2013 - 43K views

Henrik Harlaut's dub flat 7 blunt from The Education of Style. Henrik won "Best Man Made Air" at the 2013 Powder Awards for this trick! Check out The Educaiton of Style for his full segment and other madness from Henrik, Phil, and Tanner! www.inspiredmedia.tv www.armadaskis.com

BMOS WF?: Introducing the HYPHY Flip

by blackskier206
Nov 2016 - 35K views

Back in 2013 I brought to the world the Dre Flip. This past summer it was taken to the next level. Switch early 180 to dub front. Please correct me if someone else has done this before... And for those that don't know, no one does the Dre Flip like the Black Man On Skis!

Pep fujas is SICK!

by Rob_G
Apr 2006 - 33.4K views

He did a switch 90 to unatural 270 and landed it! Better quality: http://www.vimeo.com/12175311

How to Frontflip on skis

by JensNystrom
Jan 2016 - 33.3K views

In this video we will show you how you can learn you first front flip on skis in a fun and safe way. We start showing you what steps should be taken on the trampoline before you step into the bindings and do it on snow. stompittutorials.com/tutorials/ https://www.facebook.com/stompittutor... instagram.com/stompittutorials/ Category

One run in La Balme - Pancras & Ferreira

by panpan
Apr 25th - 32.3K views

La Balme is unreal these days and we tried our best to find a line to show you all how much fun is this part of La Clusaz. Hope you'll enjoy watching, mad respect to Alex Beaudoing for holding onto his skis while following us around with the gear :D

World's First Head Drag Double???

by J_skis
Oct 2016 - 31.4K views

It's no secret that Gabe Taube (@gtaube) has next-level innovation in his style... but a head drag dub 10?? This kid is on one! The magical skis >> https://jskis.com/collections/whipit

5 Questions With Henrik Harlaut

by eheath
Feb 2017 - 30.5K views

Cruised around Forest Trail during the Grand Prix at Mammoth Mountain. Due to weather, injury and the event, Henrik and I only got one day of shooting so we did the best with what we got, enjoy!

Piggyback Backflip

by *pbartram*
Apr 2014 - 29.5K views

Originally the brainchild of Andy Pelton, the piggyback backflip has be discussed for several months among the Exeter snowsports freestyle community. Few believed it could be possible but on the last day of our trip to Val Thorens Andy Pelton and Rob Fail completed this spectacular manoeuvre.

Destroyed by Filming - Wear your helmets!

by D.P.Productions
Jan 2010 - 28.4K views

I, Kevin Schwerin, while filming McRae Williams, we collided in the air and I land on my head. I did not have a helmet on and suffered a seizure with a major concussion. I spent the night in a hospital, where I was told I didn't have any internal bleeding or brain bruising, and I was cleared to go. Had I been wearing a helmet my situation would have been much better.