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Celebrating Ben Parsons

Celebrating Ben Parsons

By: erica

Kalispell community honors Ben Parsons, who died in an avalanche in Glacier National Park last week.

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  2. Jan 10th 2017
  3. Score: 10
Suzuki Nine Royals searching for Up-and-Comers

Suzuki Nine Royals searching for Up-and-Comers

Since their inception, the Suzuki Nine Knights and Nine Queens have invited young hopefuls to join the ranks with the opportunity to show off their ability and style on a dream feature. This year, the event continues the tradition with the “Become a Royal” Video Competition, which offers a Wildcard in four categories: female snowboarder, female skier, male skier and male snowboarder.

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  2. Jan 11th 2017
  3. Score: 6


In this video we break down how you can learn K-Fed on skis. We show you two different ways you can do it and when each way of doing it is suitable. We first practise on grass with a practise rail/stick I pulled out of the ground then how to do it on skis.

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  2. Jan 14th 2017
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McRae Williams: OZteria - Saga Outerwear

McRae Williams: OZteria - Saga Outerwear

By: Saga.

The dream of riding snow slopes year round is just that for many of us, a dream. The few that are able to make this dream a reality cherish it. McRae Williams spent a few weeks this fall in the … Continued

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  2. Jan 12th 2017
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sponsored A Story Inspired By...
Posted by J_skis
Part one of Giray Dadali's season 15/16 season edit crushing on his bro-model #JVacationSki >> "Today's world of action sports and kickstarters require that every thing we do be motivated by this powerful message of chasing a dream, making the world a better place, or seeking the grandest adventure. As I look into what motivates my skiing, I can't help but realize I do it for no reason greater than manning up. To push yourself, huck your meat and see how far you can go. It's a story that has been inspired by... My Ballsack. This is all footage from my 2015/2016 season, filmed by Jacob Callaghan, Ahmet Dadali, Mike Meza, and Tim Jones. Music By Griz - The Anthem"
sponsored TC / BC!
Posted by Line_Skis
When November's warm, you head north. Canada had been hogging all the early season snow, so the TC decided to hop in the van, escape the election and see what all the backcountry hype is about. From real skiing on real mountains, to rail skiing at the ice rink, the crew makes the most of preseason north of the boarder in TCBC! Directed by Jake Strassman. Produced by Line Skis & Full Tilt Boots. Filmed on location in Canaduh.
sponsored LINE Traveling Circus - The Hunt for White October is LIVE!
Posted by Line_Skis
Winter. It’s invaded the United States and there’s only one team able to track it down & slay – The LINE TRAVELING CIRCUS! The second release this season, The Hunt for White October debuts exclusively on Monday at! Watch Starring Will Wesson, Andy Parry, Ross Imburgia, Khai Krepela with special guest Dale Talkington. Directed by Jake Strassman. Produced by Line Skis& Full Tilt Boots. Filmed on location in Wyoming “Ma’am!?” – Andy Parry
sponsored The Exec
Posted by PitViper
BREAKING: Pit Viper just released the cleanest pair ever, THE EXEC. Only $49 until Cyber Monday.