Mathias Høgås SuperUnknown XVIII Semi-Finalist

published Mar 31st - 86 views

If there’s anything that we can say for certain after spending the past few days reviewing this year’s SuperUnknown entries, its that the talent pool has never been deeper- we're stoked to see more variation in style, influence, and inspiration than ever before.

PSA: unfortunately, due to timeframe complications from Covid-19, we won’t be able to have a Wild-card vote for the Semi-Finalists like we normally do. We’re bummed about this but it is what it is. We will be launching a “Best Trick” poll soon that includes shots from the entire field - keep an eye out for that!

Presented by @ikonpass @woodward__eldora @sagaouterwear and @newschoolers

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Playtime: 00:01:38

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