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Long story short. Prior to this season, I probably skied 10 days in as many years. This season, I’ll have skied 20 days by the end of it. It’s been so fucking sick getting back into it. I’m not in my bag like I use to be, but I don’t care. Just feels good to be back.

My boy had a GoPro and had to work most of the days I was skiing so it’s a lot of helmet cam. But made an edit from the last 3 days in CO (it’s way too long given the aforementioned lack of a bag of tricks but I know some of y’all hate those IG edits). Plus you can’t just cut a Gangstarr track once you’ve started it.

also the splice edit app is trash so audio gets funky at the end.

Location: Colorado

Playtime: 00:05:18

Edits Park Keystone


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