Skiing a rollover to 50+ degree - avalanche/sluff catch up from behind

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Roldal, Norway March 2021:
Conditions where prime, I had been skiing the same face, or venue, 5 to 6 times that day before this run, without experiencing any "rtriggers" in even steeper areas of the venue. I have skied this rollover to the chute many times before. It is 53degree steep (measured) in the exact area where the snow catches up with me. It is a pocket aprox 15-20 meters wide, and aprox 20-30 long with a snow-fracture about 50-70centimeters deep, that releases behind me after I get waste-deep in one of the turns (three turns before I get the avalanche/sluff in my back) and hit a pressure-trigger point in the venue.

Lesson learned in many ways, but most of all what saves me from tumbling down and possibly getting burried that day is that I have a PlanB visualized and memorized before I start skiing this line. (In this case, rocks on my right and cliffs on my left-hand, so the solution was straight down)
I have gone thru this possible scenario in my head many times, to be mentally prepeared, for a possible "emergency way out".
The film shows I am getting airborn / lose contact with the ground as soon as I get in front of the snow swirl. The camera lenze is free of snow, but my googles gathered some snow, so I had a degrade of my visual but thrusted my "mental photograf" of the venue and kept myself gathered as I shoot out of the venue. Yes I backslap a little, the compression and transition from +50 degree to 35 degree as I land and turn away from fall-line, is brutal on the legs. (Remember to do squats)

Add me on my youtube channel, and I will start making "live videos" as soon as I hit 1000 subs. - Live feed will be tutorials/talk/Freeriding steep mountains, and Speedriding, touch and rolls are the main mission for this winter with my Speedride wing - and you can "be there" to see it all live.

Credit: Cato Lægreid

Skier: Cato Lægreid

Location: Roldal, Norway

Playtime: 00:00:47

Artist: Skier4Life



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