Ferdinand Dahl XGames REAL SKI 2021 without the Stubai Parkshot

published Feb 2021 - 651 views

As a big fan of Ferdis skiing i was super hyped about his XGames Real Ski part. I also was curious and wanted to see what Ferdis part would look like without the Stubai Shot and just cut it out. Thought i would share with you guys. I like the part more without the parkshot even if its a mega dope dub bio super capped blunt with a textbook landing. The shot came in so random it kinda killed the real ski vibe for me. Without the parkshot i get the same vibes i get from the Mango Real Ski videos. Be your own judge.

All credit goes to Ferdinand Dahl and Andrew Napier. If anyone feels bad about me uploading this in this way please let me know in a PM and i will take it down immediately. I dont want to piss anyone of.

Credit: Andrew Napier

Skier: Ferdinand Dahl

Playtime: 00:01:26

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