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DVD Bonus feature video from the Level 1 movie 'High Five' (2004).
Shot & chopped by Freedle Coty.

Skiing by Liam Downey, Tanner Rainville, Corey Vanular, Travis Redd, Austin Ramaley, Charles Gagnier, Emil Coty, Steele Spence, Chris Biollo, Simon Dumont, Ryan Burns, Travis Heed, Troy Z, Craig Coker, Scott Hibbert, Skogen Sprang, Rory Bushfield, Peter Olenick, and Duncan Adams.

Filmed on the trusty VX2000 during the season of 03/04 in Utah, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Oregon, Colorado, California, and Reno, Nevada.

Playtime: 00:12:50

North America


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