Balance - Ep.1 - The Brothers Nichols, 2 Days In Cooke

published Feb 2021 - 865 views

About two months ago I was diagnosed with epilepsy after a recurrence of seizures and weird episodes related to seizure activity. A month before I was suppose to depart for the Freeride World Tour I received my first round of anti-seizure medication and experienced an allergic reaction to my third and final dosage. After losing 15 pounds and most of my immune system that the decision was pretty much made for me that I wouldn't be able to travel internationally to compete on the Freeride World Tour. However, just because my neurologist and primary medical provider have to closely monitor me while we try to find the proper balance of anti-seizure medication doesn't mean I still cant go out and ski around my current residence of Bozeman, Montana. Thus, this season I am doing a webisode series called Balance: My pursuit to find a suitable balance of anti-seizure medication while attempting to ski as much as I can. Thanks for watching. A very special thanks to: Jerry and Michele Nichols, Tecnica Boots, Blizzard Skis, FlyLow Gear, Backcountry Access for helping bring this idea to light.



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