Liberty Skis - Whitewater Ski Resort

published Jan 2021 - 832 views

Liberty Skis athletes Loki Wickman-Ratthe and Nigel Ziegler welcomed Anatole Tuzlak, Brendan Mackay, Ryan Statham, and Cam Keith to their hometown of Nelson, British Columbia. Known for the deep interior snowpack, pillows, and quiet atmosphere, the team spent the next four days exploring Whitewater Ski Resort. Check out the best of the Whitewater’s secret spots – charging pillows, stomping cliffs, and sending jumps.

Credit: Cinematography: Cam Keith & Anatole Tuzlak

Skier: Loki Wickman-Ratthe, Nigel Ziegler, Anatole Tuzlak

Location: Whitewater Ski Resort



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