Trollhaugen // Human Being // DIGITIZED Ep.2 Vol.5 // 2020/21

published Jan 2021 - 5,335 views

Is this a game to you!? Is it!? No this a game? Are we living in a simulation? It's hard to find the reality in a digitized existence. Plugged in, every day. Connected, constantly. Charging, perpetually. Watching the human beings of #HumanBeing would lead one to believe that we are living in an alternate virtual reality, and that they have found the cheat codes one would need to conquer Valhalla. Level up humans. It's time to play the game through their eyes.

Film: Nick Schoess

Edit: Nick Schoess

Sound Design: Nick Schoess

Thumbnail: Grant Sadusky @612fly

Music: Waterfall - John Gimel // Their Voices Heard - John Gimel

Titles/Text: David Duea

Skiers (In order of appearance): David Duea, Drew Ahlstrom, Adam Peterson

Thanks: Marsha Hovey, Adam Mahler, Valerie Schoess, Trollhaugen, Troll Park Crew, ON3P, Pinewskis, Colab Brand, Arsenic Anywhere, Tall-T Dan, Scott @ ON3P, Aaron Hunter, Dan Pinewski, Trevor Pinewski, Cory Pinewski, Karl Bekkala, Kael Luberts, David Duea, Sam Lobinsky, J-LO, Mom/Dad, Drew Ahlstrom, Grant Sadusky, Dave Sutton, Adam Peterson, David Giorgi

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