HOW TO 2 pretz 2 on skis | Tutorial

published Jan 2021 - 471 views

This in-depth guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to start learning some crispy 270 on pretzel 270 out on skis.
⬇️ TIME-STAMPS for each Part ⬇️

00:23 - 02:35 TRIVIA
02:36 - 05:18 Set UP + Take-Off / POP
05:19 - 07:19 How to pretzel / the mechanic
07:20 - 08:29 Completing the pretzel 270 out
08:30 - 09:07 Private Coaching Patreon

If you have any questions on troubleshooting it - hit me up on youtube directly through the comments. If you need a more personal approach , you might want to see into the option to become a Patreon for extra perks & assistance.

Becoming a Patreon will give you access to the following:

- Unlimited Q & A's about freeskiing and tricks all answered directly!
- Chat and learn/connect with other members
- Access to exclusive video content only posted here (content decided by you all)
- Send me your trick attempt videos of tricks you're having trouble with, and I'll analyze them and send my suggestions to you. (Must be a public internet video link: Youtube, etc.)

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its my first rail tutorial - i hope it'll do.

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