published Dec 2020 - 166 views

Extra takes and bonus clips from the RCFS 'UNO.'

If you haven't seen the first RCFS episode, check it out here: https://line.ski/rcfs

What is RCFS?
RCFS is a video series created by Will Wesson and friends to take their DIY setups to the next level. UNO is the first installment to this new video series.

In the words of Will, “Growing up, my home mountain never had the best setups, so we had to take matters into our own hands. The do-it-yourself attitude led me from the backyard into street skiing and now it’s come full circle with RCFS.”

Credit: Will Wesson

Skier: Will Wesson, Kale Cimperman, Dylan Manley

Location: Wasatch Academy

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