Through the Park Kimbosessions 2019 TEASER

published Nov 2020 - 353 views

I have been sleeping on these clips for a while now. But here it is!

The 3rd season of my Through The Park project from Kläppen.
I will drop 18 unseen episodes from Kimbosession 2019 from tomorrow on.

Riders: Emil Granbom, Benjamin Carlund, Magnus Granér, Tanner Hall, Anton Lindén, Freddie Grann, Taiyo Kawai, Maximilliam Smith (aka B-Mack), Lars Håkon Hafsal, Forster Meeks, Vegard Oye, Oscar Wester, Rosina Friedel, Johan Berg, Joel Magnusson and Alex Hall.

I hope you will enjoy this as much as I had capturing it.
If you want to check out some of the old episodes you can find em in my profile.

Playtime: 00:00:54

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