Chippis official teaser

published Oct 2020 - 266 views

Full movie will be screened online 21-24th of October during the IF3 Festival.

It is my second movie production, new for this film is that it's a mixed ski and snowboard project. We let the riding and the locations carry the movie forward.

It's played out in chronological order from the start in Tromso, Norway during the dark arctic nights in the streets. Then we move through to Russia and Switzerland for powder and big mountain riding.

We finish it of by returning to the spring and midnight sun in Tromso. Here we get to showcase some more streetskiing, late night jump sessions and good times in the mountains. The goal of the movie is to show that you dont need a big budget or really expensive gear to produce a film with your friends.

Production and editing: Elias Henderson

Filmed by the athletes.

Aerial cinematogrophy: Elias Henderson, Mikko Jaakkola and Laura Nevala.

Credit: Elias Henderson

Skier: Elias Henderson, Laura Nevala, Ilkka Grönberg, Mi

Location: Tromso, Norway, Krasnaya Polyana, Russia, Valais, Switzerland

Artist: JayDenton

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