Summer Package

published Aug 2020 - 590 views

Shot during Summer/Spring 2020.
I had a lot of free time after Covid-19 hit so I tried to make the best of it safely with the remaining snow in Colorado!
Had so many great memories with countless friends during this time and I couldn't be more grateful. Here are the best moments from the past few couple of months.
Enjoy & Share w your franz :)

Filmers: Nicolai Goldman, Dominic Pucherelli, Evan Aiudi, Shawni Clapper, Joe Hoover, Griffin Sides, Tyler Tedford, Sunnie Faye, Glevity, Greyson, & Grayscale Media

Credit: Filmers: (see description)

Skier: Barclay Weyhrauch

Location: Colorado backcountry

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