Street Skier's Dream Van

published Jun 2020 - 1,046 views

Juho Kilkki converted an old VW Transporter into his dream vehicle. With skis, shovels, a drop in ramp and a winch inside it is the perfect tool for street skiing. Tune in as Juho shares all the delicious details and sheds some light on questions asked by many viewers throughout the years: How bad is urban and summer skiing for your ski bases? How do you get speed in the streets? And is it true that there's a DIY portable miniramp in the van in the summer?

Credit: Anton Geier, Janne Korpela, Juho Kilkki

Skier: Juho Kilkki, Ilkka Hannula, Verneri Hannula

Location: Jyvaskyla, Finland

Ski Equipment Edits Summer


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