Laps With Dad S2E4 // Ski Buddies

published Jun 2020 - 352 views

Hey everyone! I just want to thank everyone who watches LWD. Its is such a fun way to introduce skiing to my kids and will give us something to look back on in the future. To add to that, it also allows Me (Dad) to keep sharing my passion of skiing. I would like to thank Brennon Sloan, Tim Bonus, and Sean Burkholder for filming me this season. It is safe to say LWD wouldn't be possible without you guys lending a hand! A special shout out to Sean Burkholder for being my ski buddy the past two season. It has been so fun and motivating skiing lap for lap filming each other. It ain't easy getting time on the slopes these days, 20 days maybe. We make it count when we get the time. Thanks to Jim Waughen for the new intro song for this season, YOU ROCK DUDE!

With all that said, here is episode 4, to conclude season 2! Witten found a new ski buddy and Sean and I lap RMR Parks. Enjoy!!

Knee Binding
RMR Parks

Playtime: 00:04:03

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