Supri 2020

published May 2020 - 374 views

The story of Supri, living in 2020 and dealing with all of the new challenges of the modern age, as well as skiing a lot and enjoying the life.

Dorian Densmore, Adria Millan, Txema Trull, Alvarito Santos, Axel Tukiainen, Abel Moga, Jordi Riba, Nacho Bertona, Marc Moga, Pepo Estevez, Dr. Casabone, Eduardo 'supri' Chipy, Luis Gomez Moran, Mya Akins

Dorian Densmore, Adria Millan, Txema Trull

Additional Camera:
Alvarito Santos, Pepo Estevez, Nestor Delseny, Axel Tukiainen, Alfonso Robles, Hobie Owen, Dr. Casabone, Mya Akins, Nacho Bertona, Brandon Gust

Art: Mya Akins

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