Martin's week at SuperUnknown XVI

published Mar 2020 - 664 views

A week of skiing at Level 1 SuperUnknown XVI basically all the tricks I did, was an amazing experience!

I was very lucky to be apart of the superunknown finals last year, I was a semifinalist which I was stoked about! Knowing how hard it is to be selected and I didn't make the wildcard. But unfortunately Simon Grisseman got injured just before the finals and than Josh Berman contacted like 4 days before the event me asking if I wanted to go, I could not believe it! Was an awesome week my first time in America, my first private park shoot and skiing with so many insane skiers it was like a dream. I describe it like Christmas as a kid, waking up every morning excited what will we ski today and what was going to get built.
Thanks to everyone involved! Met so many good people and was a perfect way to finish my season last year very honored!

Thank you Level 1!

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