STP 2.1

published Dec 2019 - 1,252 views

@sugarloafparks is back at it and better then ever. Here's a quick little recap of the early season park on Upper Tote Road (with a sneak peak of the mini-pipe)

Lars Diianni @_lardezy_
Gabe Wilson @gabew_34
Ben Amburgey @a__burger
Henry Bonneau @henrybonneau
Teddy Michaud @t3ddy.m
Kyle Joseph @kyle___joseph
Nick Clements @snoboarder94
Ian Daly @stinky_dale
Zac Bragdon @zac_bragdon
Rowan Stamp @rowan138
Ryan Brueninghaus @ryan.brueninghaus

Shot and edited by Ben Amburgey
Drone footage courtesy of @mainedroneimaging

Location: Sugarloaf

Playtime: 00:02:21

People Sunset Edits Jumps Park Rails


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