93 // Jazz Vitale

published Nov 2019 - 2,929 views

Here's my 2019 cut... I managed to put this thang together after my computer completely deleted my edit last week. Didn't get a whole lotta filming done last season, but sometimes that's the way of the road. Stoked on how this puppy turned out. Hit me up if you wanna do some filmin' this year. Cheers!

Thanks to all the people that filmed/clipped me up: Owen Dahlberg - Matt Kretzschmar - Noah Heaton - Hunter Cornelison - Smeegs - Clark Robinson - Luca Hagmayer - Rob Whyte

Brandon Ott - Bagel Boy - Rocko Menzyk - GMD staff - Patrol - Liftees - Peter Bennett

Dave Amirault - Eric Sales

Scott Andrus - Sean Donahue

Credit: the homies.

Skier: @Jazzzythizzle

Location: Alta-Snowbird-Brighton

Artist: Paris


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