2013 Subaru Outback Bed Frame Build walkaround

published Nov 2019 - 599 views

We measured, cut, and assembled the raised bed frame. The top board is
split into 4 panels. The front two are on center-mount hinges,
allowing access from inside the vehicle or from the rear doors while

Overall the build took roughly 3.5 hours after reviewing and revising
the original sketch (we had to include the lower base board which adds
to the overall support of the three running boards.

The main measurements for this build are 58"x48" as seen in the photo
of the mock up. The yellow running boards are the support for the top
board which now has a layer of insulation covering the whole sheet (it
too is cut into panels allowing for the hinge access). The yellow must
be the same length of the top board, however we feel you can choose
your height - for different storage needs. (10" was the measured
minimum height to clear the inner structure of the wheel-well w/ a 48"
wide platform). Our frame goes from 10" at the rear and tapers down to
7" behind the front seats. The reason for the 3" difference is due to
the slight incline of the rear of the Outabck.

More photos and specs at SkiBumStories.com


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