FISRT WORLD CUP | Woodsy'sWorld S2 #11

published Nov 2019 - 328 views

After leaving the remote South Pacific Island paradise that is New Zealand, the boys find themselves deep in the heart of the mother land and just in time for the Telegraph’s London Ski & Snowboard Show. It’s always a pleasure hang out with the Planks Clothing crew as well as everyone involved in the passion fuelled British freeski and snowboard scene!

However it’s not for long, a fleeting visit you might say, before the international calling of World Cup glory can be heard emitting from Northern Italy... Next stop Modena, the home of Ferrari and Lamborghini and now the home of what was potentially the most unbelievably advanced Freeski big air event that ever happened! Woodsy doesn’t have skis, Max dishes out high fives, Brody’s camera gear, much like everyone’s everything get soaking wet as the heaven’s open during qualification and as can now be expected week in week out - the skiing is mind bendingly out of control! (Excuse the audio malfunctioning due to the rain, I’m sure you can cope 😉)

Welcome to Woodsy'sWorld, season 2... A bi-weekly video blog, behind the scenes in professional freeskier James Woodsy's world. Enjoy!



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