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Nobody Understands Why I'm this way. Some think I've Changed. Some think I've Always Been this Way. I Suppose Both are Right.

I Grew Up Unsure. I grew Up Unconfident. I Grew Up Scared. I Grew Up Clueless. I Grew Up Weird.
I Also Grew up Interested. I Grew Up Observing, Watching. I Grew Up Crawling & Climbing. I Grew Up Excited. I Grew Up Unique.

So Yeah I've Changed. Because I Shed my Childhood Disadvantages. And Became My Childhood Dreams. What I Always was to Begin With.

It wasn't Easy Getting Here. Took Heart Break. Isolation. Pain. Confusion. Few Evictions. Lots of Suicidal Thoughts. Ridicule. Bullying. Rejection. Fake Friends. Some Drugs. But Most Importantly, It Took Perseverance.

It Took Me Not Givin A Fuck. To the Point To Where, If I Give Up. I'll Die. Bc Fuck it Man. Better Than Here.

So Here's Where I'm At. I Ain't Dead Yet. I'm Just Gettin Started.


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