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It's here. KTS4. Wow, what a wild journey it has been with these guys.
We started Keep the Stoke Alive with one thing in mind - to look back at our lives as college students. I have no doubt in my mind that this was a gateway to my profession as a videographer, and I give every ounce of thanks to our unofficial brand: Keep the Stoke Alive. It has encouraged me to move forward with filming and pursue my passion. Shooting for the series has been a great motivator for us to get outdoors and separate my client work with personal work. I think it says a lot about a project when it’s all you want to work on even if you have much higher client priorities.
We have made a commitment to use this series as way to look back on our lives, and it gives me an outlet for full creative freedom to do what I want with the videos - music, cuts, dialogue, thumbnails, titles, promotion, not monetizing, no deadlines, etc... With today’s other work I’m restricted by some of these factors... Though the series might be coming to an end as we grow older, we believe KTSA has stoked the fire within us you and we hope it has inspired you all to do the same🌹Though you may have seen some of these shots before, we want to give you a BTS look of how this all happens. Think of it like one big movie into our lives. Behind all the cool stuff. I promise you it’ll be the best one yet.


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