After Dark (Level 20 - Episode 12)

published Sep 2019 - 1,745 views

Directed and produced by Josh Berman

Principal Cinematography By Josh Berman, Kyle Decker, Freedle Coty

Edited By Kyle Decker, Josh Berman, and Freedle Coty

Art Direction by Schui Baumann

About After Dark:

The earth turns and the sun disappears over the horizon. Flip the
switch, and the lights go out. Slumber begins and the mind awakes,
taking us to places we’ve never been and witnessing things not yet seen
or imagined.

From the enchanted powder forests of Japan, the historic streets of
Moscow, to the unthawed mountains of Western America, and everywhere in
between – Level 1 invites you into our spectrum of reality to see a
succession of images, visions, sounds, and sensations quite unlike those
of the conscious world.

Experience it for yourself – our dream, our vision of skiing. After Dark.


Parker White, Ahmet Dadali, Tom Wallisch, JF Houle, Adam Delorme, Wiley
Miller, Tanner Rainville, Alex Bellemare, Mike Hornbeck, Will Wesson,
Chris Logan, Niklas Eriksson, Duncan Adams, Josh Bibby, Liam Downey,
Logan Imlach and Friends


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