Tyrol Tuesdays Private Session 2019: Skiing

published May 2019 - 2,013 views

Huge thanks to everyone at Tyrol for making this event possible and allowing us to do stuff like this.

Song: "Dungen" by Powerplant

Claymations by Zach Peper and Alex Havey

Filmed by: Alex Havey, Seth Leinbach, Zach Lastrilla, Zach Haigh, Nick Schoess, and Ryan Bennett.

Edited by: Alex Havey

Riders: Chris Johnson, Ben Albert, Nick Schoess, Ben Leis, Seth Leinbach, Ryan Rasmussen, Michel Justen, Will Hansen, Bryce Benz, Conner Ross, and Paul Marik.

Thumbnail photo by Seth Leinbach.

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