Trollhaugen : Human Being : Jubilant - Ep 7.LDOH, Vol 3 - 2018/19

published May 2019 - 1,990 views

Last Day On Hill - A state of mind. A state of existence. A state of stoke. Last day on hill is an experience the uninitiated couldn't' possibly understand. Why do we wait in anticipation for the end? Not because we want it over.... it's because we know that it is. We want to make it last forever, and the way we do that is through memory. Through moments. Through... being.... last day on hill. Thanks for everything!

Film/Edit - Nick Schoess
Alex young with the additional filming
Song is Highway Tune by Greta Van Fleet
Skiers are all the homies.

Credit: Schoess

Skier: Many

Location: Valhalla

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