Squaw Palisades Backflip, Silverado cliffs, Skiing the Fingers

published Apr 2019 - 1,512 views

Backflip off the Palisades, airing off everything at Squaw all shot in two days at the resort. Skiing the Fingers on KT-22 the first day and Silverado/Palisades on day two! A Bonus backflip in the backcountry airing off the train tunnel shot with a drone!

I know the music sucks, but been getting takedown notices on insta & Youtube, so best way to watch is to mute the video and play your favorite song! I'm looking for good music for videos with artists permission, shoot me a message if you know someone that might want to partner for the next one.

GoPro Hero 7 Black Edits Big Mountain Powder Backcountry North America


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