C-Sessions 9.3

published Mar 2019 - 4,530 views

2019 is off to a 🔥🔥🔥 start at Carinthia Parks, with Inferno Jumps seeing dubs on dubs on dubs, an unreal Prospector buildout thanks to the Carinthia Diggers and Snowboy Productions, and a Nitro build like we've never seen before. Top that all off with fresh spring rebuilds of all the parks and the stage is set for greatness. With all this going on, the boys – local and visitor alike – have been absolutely throwing down in the past month. With way too much for one edit, head over to instagram.com/carinthiaparks for more clips off the cutting room floor.

We'll be running deep into April. See you out there.

- Liam Downey
- Mac Forehand
- Sam Marino
- Rob Newton
- Mike DeJohn
- Garrett Colby
- Calvin Lyons
- & some dude named Keegan Kilbride who swung through.

Film+Cut: Chris DeJohn


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Playtime: 00:03:10

East Coast


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