Cruise'n'Roll | The Maiden Voyage EP. 1

published Mar 2019 - 1,727 views

Hey Newschoolers! I'm finally back on skis with my new knee and also with a new video project called Cruise'n'Roll. Which I'm really happy to present to you right now and I really hope you will appreciate it the same way as you did with my previous project Smelly Socks - and once more - I'm really thankful for that! But it was time to move on....and this is it! It is slightly different, but my classic ski segments are still gonna remain, just enriched about some behind the scenes of my ski life that I'm so much thankful for... From traveling, events, homies, messing around with the Wildcat to rolleblading and partying..This all should be Cruise'n'Roll.

In the first Cruise'n'Roll, I'll take you to my homeresort, where I'll be skiing in the snowpark for the first time after 9 months long rehab of my back to back surgery of my right knee.

0:00 - theme
0:52 - intro
1:25 - traveling
4:00 - skiing
6:14 - skiing pt.2
7:30 - finding a way back to the resort
8:29 - outro

Thank you all for the support!


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