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We got the crew together this season to shred some PC park laps. We put the our park pole, the Trajectory Carbon and Trajectory Aluminum, to the test and had a blast doing it. We filmed this 100% using the Gopro7 mounted on Char Pole and were blown away by how easy it was to get incredible shots and angles. We're stoked on the convenience of having a camera in your pocket and a mount on your pole so you're always ready to get great shots without carrying any extra gear. Along with the our patented "Grab Strap" the camera mount makes the Char Pole the perfect park skiing pole. We want to see some epic spring park shots from the NS community using our poles so we're giving you 30% off using code: NS


Cheers from us at Char, don't hesitate to DM with any questions about the poles and have an awesome rest of the season.

Song: "Soul Motion" by Revolutionary Rhythm

Location: Park City

Playtime: 00:02:56

GoPro Hero 7 Black Park City Rails North America Jumps Park


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