TWOOWT Laps | #1 Kaunertal

published Feb 2019 - 866 views

Twoowt Laps is a new web series about group of friends skiing and having fun all around the world. In first episode you will see some early season moves in Austrian "Snowpark Kaunertal".
Skiers: Andrey Anufriev & Samuel Alander
Film/Edit: Aleksey Bogatyrev
Aerial shots: Samuel Alander.

#twoowtskis #twoowtFAM #twoowtDYEDSTICKS #twoowtMAKRO #newschoolers

Credit: Aleksey Bogatyrev

Skier: Andrew Anufriev & Samuel Alander

Location: Europe

Artist: Cypress Hill

Europe Jumps Rails Park


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