Peaks and Valleys Act I: Setting the Stage

published Jan 2019 - 714 views

Last winter Dean Bercovitch and Ian Hamilton started the season full of ambition, set on making our first film. Little did we know that the highest highs and lowest lows of our lives awaited us. Just as we were getting in our groove in Whistler Ian landed awkwardly and felt a pop in his knee, kicking off a series of Peaks and Valleys that would only increase in intensity as the season progressed. With all that happened last year we decided to release our story in parts, so without further ado we present Act I: Setting the Stage.

Credit: Carlo Mion, Vince Emond, Will Blackwell

Location: Whistler

Playtime: 00:05:10

Artist: "Is It Serious"-Alan Watts "Golden Rule"-Valaire



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