Scullymon // Rehab

published Jan 2019 - 1,720 views

Life is beautiful, yet delicate. A year ago yesterday, I did some filming at Keystone with Scott Klumb, and after a super productive morning got unlucky with a trick I am comfortable with and shattered my knee cap. Looking back now after a year, two surgeries, and a ton of time spent with only myself and my own thoughts I am not bitter. Life has its ways of telling you things, and teaching you lessons. This past year has been one of the biggest periods of growth for me. I have had time to focus on myself, and prioritize other projects besides skiing in my life. So here is to good health, and making the best out of difficult situations.

Filming: Scott Klumb, Owen Dahlberg
Editing: Kirk Scully, Andis Solomon
Song: Rehab, Amy Winehouse



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