Yūgen by Lucas Stål Madison

published Nov 2018 - 1,751 views

Lucas Stål Madison and Peak Performance invites you to the world of the Japanese forest, an environment that LSM and his crew explored for 2 weeks last winter. The island of Hokkaido is a deep white ocean, a place full of life. Yūgen is a word that explains what can't be said in words which is exactly what they felt about this mysterious place where they had the joy of skiing the deepest snow of their lives.

Skiing: Lucas Stål Madison @stalmadison
Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm5k...
Anttu Oikkonen
Filming: Dylan Siggers
Animation: Christian Leban
(Music: Brian Jonestown Massacre)

Learn more at https://bit.ly/2zwh0GF


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