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published Nov 2018 - 1,410 views

2 years of trying to live up to the amazing people I have the privilege of skiing and being friends with. I am so thankful for all of the opportunities that have been presented to me through the Human Being series, Pinewskis, Colab Brand, etc. Skiing is my passion and for the last 19 years it has consumed my life. I look forward to another 19 seasons sliding ice and rails here in the midwest.

Music: The Roots

Edit: Nick Schoess

Film: Drew Ahlstrom, Ben Morine, Kian Barrett, Sam Lobinsky and friends

Special Thanks: DAVE SUTTON, Valerie Weekes, Drew Ahlstrom, Cory and Trevor Pinewski, Dan Pinewski, Shane Nelson, David Duea, Aaron Hunter, Mike Kennedy, Bjorn Melin, Matt Wunderlich, Matt Krohn, Hannah Peterson, Kian Barrett,Sam Lobinsky, Adam Mauler, Justin Lillo, Mom and Dad, MCTC, Sean Donahue, ON3P Skis for making the best heccing skis ever, Steve Janisch, Matt Koskinen, Karl Bekkala, Kael Luberts, Everyone at Troll, everyone at Pinewskis, Everyone at Colab, my Grandma Merle, God, Food and my dog Abby.

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